Below is the latest Workshop information with descriptions and locations.

Max Barnett - The Power of Prayer

Why it’s important, how to do it and what it means for you.
Morning Session Only!
located in Sanctuary

Billy Samuels - Self-Care: Making Sure Your Cup is Full

This workshop will address the importance of maintaining a routine of self-care in a ministry and secular environment.
Afternoon Session Only!
located in Sanctuary

Elise Caudill - Developing a Biblical Sexual Ethic

A scripture-based sexual ethic is necessary to healthy spiritual formation and growth as disciples of Christ. In this workshop, we will spend time exploring how the purity culture movement and general American culture both offer incomplete ethics of sexuality. Through prayerful discussion, we will identify what the Bible has to offer in the development of a complete sexual ethic.
Morning and Afternoon sessions located in Fellowship Hall

Haley Schantz, Jordan Hedrick, and Gena Lorenz - Reaching Your Neighbors

Come learn how to think creatively and live intentionally to reach the lost in your neighborhood.
Morning Session located in E101
Afternoon Session located in Chapel

Kent Huddleston and Isaac McCaslin - Discovering Gods Peace through Understanding our Emotions

It can be difficult to distinguish which thoughts are from God and which are the product of our culture or lies in our mind. In this workshop we will discuss helpful ways to discern what is true and to move toward freedom and peace in understanding ourselves.
Morning Session located in Chapel
Afternoon Session located in E101

Matthew Beasley - Life on Life Discipleship

The biblical paradigm for spiritual mentorship is life-on-life relationships characterized by both organic relationship and intentional training, but for us today what does that really look like? In the context of our busy lives is it possible to really have both? Should we prioritize one over the other? In this workshop, we'll discuss the need to cultivate both dynamics in our discipleship relationships, and we'll look at how both organic relationship and intentional training really can happen today as you strive to help others grow in their relationship with Christ.
Morning and Afternoon Session located in Foyer

Zach Hites - The Heart of the Evangelist

Instead of spending our time talking about how to evangelize let’s talk about what it means to be an evangelist. What does the Bible teach us about evangelists? What is in the heart of the evangelist?
Morning and Afternoon Session located in E102

Mandy Diaz - Unavailable Due to Hurricane Ian

Mandy Diaz is unable to join us for Equip OKC 2022 due to extreme weather conditions that are continuing to affect the east coast.